02.07.2020 | 'Stop the talks, Boris!' Britons furious as 'panicking' Angela Merkel issues warning to PM
Source - The Daily Express

Mrs Merkel is urging EU negotiator Michel Barnier to play hardball by demanding "more realism" from the UK. Speaking today, Mrs Merkel's ambassador in Brussels, Michael Clauss, said the German Chancellor was pushing for concessions from Mr Johnson to make it easier for her to convince fellow European Union leaders to back a compromise. However, Facebook users posting on's page were unconvinced. Bob Crowley commented: "The economy is pants at the moment. "Now is the time to walk away, as it will only get better from there, WTO is the only way, ditch this corrupt bunch." Ian Howard agreed, posting: "Stop the talks Boris! The EU wishes to hobble the UK to prevent further implosion. "Whole idea of getting out is so we are NOT covered by EU rulings!" Terry Good said: "Who is this Angela Merkel that she thinks she is in charge? "Boris, tell her to go and look after the people she is supposed to be helping, not to interfere in something that does not concern her, okay???" Pat Patrick added: "I think we all remember when Cameron went cap in hand, before the referendum, to ask her for concessions. "He was sent packing and the rest is history. Now she is asking for the UK to give a little. "Well her words are too little, too late." Meanwhile Charlie Port suggested Mrs Merkel was motivated by self-interest. He explained: "She is running scared! "As it's clear that Germany will have to pick-up the bill in future." "Also if she can't get a deal then there are going to be other countries that will leave and her dream of a German Dominated Europe will be over."

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