Source - The Epoch Times

The Israeli prime minister urged the Biden administration to ‘give us the tools and we’ll finish the job a lot quicker,' as fighting in Gaza continues.

Source - Reuters

The attack struck the Azovskaya and Azovnefteprodukt depots that have a total of 22 fuel tanks.

Source - The Telegraph

Putin is set to visit Hanoi for two days after his trip to North Korea in a move that has angered the United Statesю

Source - The Telegraph

Russian forces are closing in on a key Ukrainian supply route in the Donbas after seizing control of a strategically important village, the MOD has said.

Source - Armyinform:

The Latvian government confirmed it had sent a first batch of drones to Ukraine, with a second batch prepared to follow.

Source - The Telegraph

The Kremlin on Monday accused NATO of an “escalation” after comments made by the head of the alliance.

Source - The Telegraph

Under pressure prime minister believes break in fighting is ‘unacceptable’, aide reveals.

Source - La Tribune

National Rally leader goes on the offensive as polls show tight election race with newly formed Left-leaning bloc.

Source - Associated Press

US military ammunition resupplies have reached front line Ukrainian units but not yet in large enough quantities to reverse Russian momentum, a senior Ukrainian commander has said.

Source - Fox News

Biden to haul in a record $28 million at star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles.



Source - The Telegraph

Exclusive survey for The Telegraph also shows party on track to slump to 53 seats, with around three-quarters of Cabinet voted out.

by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith - The Telegraph

The threat posed by the axis of totalitarian states is the dog that hasn’t barked during the general election.



by Allister Heath - The Telegraph

The election that Macron has called could lead to a financial crisis and a showdown with Brussels that would dash Labour’s European hopes.

by Michael Robbins, Amaney A. Jamal, and Mark Tessler - Foreign Affairs - Foreign Affairs

And China Is Reaping the Benefits.

by Keith L. Carter, Jennifer Spindel, and Matthew McClary - Foreign Affairs

A Military Strategy to Outlast Russia.

by Liam Halligan - The Telegraph

The leaders’ co-dependency is shaping a powerful anti-Western alliance.

by James Kilner - The Telegraph

Andrei Belousov is more at home with columns of data than of tanks, but he could be key to Moscow’s war effort and a conflict with NATO.

by Tom Rogan - The Telegraph

America’s growing distance from the Ukrainian war effort can’t just be blamed on Trump. Biden is moving ever further from Europe.

Source - Advancing American Freedom

US troops could pay price if NATO Allies Don't Make Major Change.


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