Source - Fox News

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has been accused in a new book of holding secret calls with his Chinese counterpart in the final days of the Trump administration.

Source - Fox News

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is facing calls for his resignation and even accusations of treason.

Source - The Daily Express

The EU faces a "real difficulty" over migration, German election frontrunner Olaf Scholz warned five years ago, registering his concern that a bloc-wide welfare system was not possible.

Source - The Daily Mirror

JOHNSON has said Brexit Britain may not strike a quick trade deal with America but also assured journalists the UK would rather wait for a deal "that really works".

Source - The Daily Express

A Chinese state-backed newspaper has accused France of acting like a "p***** off child" in the spat over Australia's submarine deal with Britain and the US.

Source - NATO Watch

According to a press statement by Admiral Bauer, the CHODs discussed “the breadth of the security challenges facing the Alliance”.

Source - Breitbart

The crisis unfolding at a makeshift camp of nearly 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants under the Del Rio International Bridge has a devastating impact on the local community of Del Rio, Texas.

Source - The Daily Express

France has scuppered the European Union's trade negotiations with Australia amid growing anger over the lost submarine deal.

Source - Fox News

Concha said that Woodward and Costa had an 'obligation' to release the story on Milley earlier

Source - Fox News

Milley has also faced criticism over revelations in a new book that reports he held secret phone calls with his Chinese counterpart.


Source - Fox News

French officials have been in an uproar since Australia dropped $66B contract.

By K.T. McFarland - Fox News

Perhaps there was another motive driving Gen. Milley's alleged behavior...


by Caroline Glick - Fron Page

There is a growing sense that Biden's catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan is setting the world back 20 years. But the truth is even more dire.

by James Jay Carafano, Stefano Graziosi - 19fortyfive

Two months ago, the European media and political leaders who had been hostile to Donald Trump celebrated Joe Biden and his “America is back” rhetoric. Now, the celebration is over.

by Tobias Ellwood Chairman of The Defence Select Committee - The Mail of Sunday

With global power bases shifting, and adversaries enjoying the West in such chaos - what happens next could have serious repercussions for the next few decades.

By Kori Schake - Foreign Policy

Despite Biden’s Claims, Catastrophe Was Not Inevitable.

by James P. Pinkerton - Breitbart

Mr. President, 1975 is on line one, and 1979 is on line two.

by Anthony H. Cordesman - CSIS

There is no one lynch pin to the U.S. strategic position in the Middle East, but Iraq is a critical part of any future security structure in the Middle East.

by Dan Blumenthal - AEI

It wants to build a Sino-centric order for ‘socialist market economies’

by James P. Pinkerton - Breitbart

How much has the Covid-19 pandemic cost the United States? A lot. And if, in fact, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is responsible for the virus, then maybe the PRC should be liable for its costs.

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