Source - Fox News

The relationship between Trump and top Democrats may be “deteriorating” as the two parties inched closer but ultimately fell short on an agreement that would have reopened the federal government before Monday.

Source - The Daily Express

Macron has jumped at the chance of building a giant bridge linking the UK and the EU after Boris Johnson floated the idea during meetings yesterday, it has been revealed.

Source - Interfax

Moscow has hit back at America’s claims Russia is in breach of UN sanctions on North Korea and said the report is absolutely groundless.

Source - The Daily Express

Fears of a war with North Korea have been raised again as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refused to comment on the possibility of launching a pre-emptive strike against Kim Jong-un, it has been revealed.

Source - The Daily Express

Labour’s attempts to water down the EU Withdrawal Bill were thwarted yet again as rebellious Tories rallied behind the Prime Minister to get the legislation moving.

Source - The Daily Express

Jean-Claude Juncker finally understands Brexit has “severe repercussions” for the European Union, German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel has revealed after a crunch meeting with the European Commission President.


Source - The Daily Express

Experts fear the world could be on the brink of war as tensions between the US, Russia, North Korea and China remain high.

Source - The Daily Express

Theresa May's Brexit push marked an "historic milestone" last night when her flagship EU Withdrawal Bill was passed by the Commons.


Anthony H. Cordesman, - CSIS

The protests in Iran seem to have died down—or been brought under regime control—for the moment.

08.01.2018 | Top Risks of 2018
by Mathew Burrows, Robert A. Manning, Owen Daniels - Atlantic Council

Outlined below are the top international political, security, and economic risks projected for 2018 based on geopolitical circumstances all around the globe.

Seth J. Frantzman - The National Interest

The United States may soon find the frequent high-level discussions Iran, Turkey and Russia are having harder to ignore.

Anthony H. Cordesman, the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy - CSIS

President Trump's new National Security Strategy (NSS) deserves careful attention, particularly by America's allies and strategic partners. "America First" Means International, Not Isolation.

Source - The Kyiv Press-Club

The conference's session "The Crimea. A Geopolitical Crack and Modern Power Policy. Players, Interests and Strategies".

Source - GLOBSEC

GLOBSEC is delighted to present the Final Report and Recommendations of the GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation Initiative.

Nicolás De Pedro, Research Fellow, CIDOB, Francis Ghilès, Associate Senior Researcher, CIDOB - CIDOB

NATO and the EU are facing an increasingly uncertain and complex situation with overlapping crises on their eastern and southern borders. The increasingly aggressive military posture of the Kremlin represents one of the main challenges for NATO and the EU

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