Source - The Daily Express

Macron was today shamelessly BUYING his way out of trouble caving in to rioters after weeks of blood and chaos on the streets of France, with a host of policy U-turns and a multi-billion euro package of ‘presidency-saving’ measures.

Source - The Daily Express

The EU is preparing to create a new payment mechanism to allow continued trade with Iran, despite US sanctions being reimposed over the country’s nuclear programme, in a direct challenge to US President Donald Trump.

Source - The Daily Express

Parliament will hold an emergency three-hour debate this morning after Theresa May’s announcement yesterday that a planned vote on the Government’s Brexit deal, which had been scheduled for today, was being postponed.

Source - The Daily Express

Jacob Rees-Mogg demanded Theresa May “either govern or quit” as he tore into the Prime Minister for wasting two years negotiating a Brexit deal which could never win the support of MPs.

Source - The Daily Express

China has threatened to ramp up its aggression towards the US in the South China Sea, after military and government officials discussed the tensions and relations between the world’s two largest economies on Saturday.

Source - The Daily Express

May is facing a huge battle to save her Brexit deal and maintain her grip on power, with rivals warning she will face a crushing defeat in the Commons if she doesn’t delay the crunch vote tomorrow.

Source - The Daily Express

In A Last-Ditch bid to save her Brexit deal, Theresa May called EU leaders on Sunday to plead for help ahead of tomorrow’s “doomed’ vote in the House of Commons.

Source - The Daily Express

Macron is set to address the nation and hold an emergency meeting with trade unions today after over three weeks of violence on the streets of major cities.

Source - The Daily Express

THE FAR-Left and far-right have united through the Yellow Vest movement to topple President Emmanuel Macron, a protester said on BBC Newsnight.

Source - The Daily Express

ay’s deal is a threat to the unity of Great Britain, with almost half of voters in Northern Ireland now ready to support a united Ireland if Britain leaves the EU under the agreement she struck with the bloc, a shocking poll has revealed.


by Alllison Pearson - The Telegraph

Mrs May should have gone down with her deal – instead, we continue to be led by a mule flogging a dead horse. It is intolerable.

Source - The Daily Express

May has rejected fears of crushing defeat after the she vowed the parliament vote on her Brexit deal will go ahead on Tuesday as planned.


Source - The Daily Express

Britain will struggle to convince the European Union to reenter into negotiations on Theresa May’s controversial Brexit deal because the bloc is wrangling with too many of its own personal crises.

by Ian Anthony - International Centre for Defence and Security

There is a high probability that the Treaty between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the (INF Treaty) will be terminated within the next 12 months.

by Griff Witte and Griff Witte - The Washington Post

Now, as Angela Merkel’s run as German chancellor hits its twilight, Friedrich Merz is back.

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - The Telegraph

Greece’s financial crisis has come back to the boil as Athens draws up emergency plans to stabilize the banking system, raising concerns that the country may ultimately need a fourth EU rescue.

by James Crisp - The Telegraph

Angela Merkel appeared to drop her normal cautious approach as she pointed to shifting sands in the world order to back the creation of "a real, true" European military force.

Source - Iran Action Group, US Department of State

Secretary Pompeo released the State Department’s new report detailing the magnitude of the Iranian regime’s destructive behavior at home and abroad.

James Cameron is a postdoctoral research associate at King’s College London - RUSI

The prospect of a renewed arms race in Europe and of transatlantic turmoil have come at a terrible moment for the UK, as it struggles to retain its traditional status as a bridge between a US government and Europe.

by Robert Kagan - Brookings

Americans tend to take the fundamental stability of the international order for granted, but history shows that world orders do collapse. At this stage, the United States must check the assertive, rising powers of Russia and China before it's too late.

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