Source - The Daily Express

US Vice President Mike Pence has vowed to put stronger pressure on North Korea until it gives up its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Source - The Daily Express

The French president claimed he wants France’s “cooperation” with the UK to “evolve”.

Source - The Daily Express

China must force further economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea to curb nuclear ambitions, the US demanded during high-level talks in Washington on Wednesday.

Source - The Telegraph

Theresa May is facing a constitutional crisis after Labour and the Liberal Democrats threatened to use the House of Lords to water down Brexit.

Source - The Daily Express

Europe must assume greater responsibility to defend a liberal, democratic world order as the United States appears increasingly less willing to do so, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said.

Source - The Daily Express

The United States’ proposals to slap tariffs on steel imports is hitting Brussels “very hard”, the EU’s trade commissioner has warned.

Source - The Daily Express

Donald Trump suggested he is willing to take action against North Korea as he claimed China has failed to rein in Kim Jong-un.

Source - The Telegraph

The Democratic Unionist Party last night threatened to walk away from a deal to prop up the minority Conservative Government on the eve of the Queen’s Speech.

Source - The Telegraph

David Davis and the EU slammed the door on any prospect of a “soft” Brexit as formal negotiations on leaving the EU finally got underway in Brussels.

Source - Fox News

Russian officials on Monday threatened that their country would treat U.S.-led coalition planes in some parts of Syria as targets.


Source - The Daily Express

The EU was on the verge of a civil war over Brexit today as splits emerged between the other 27 states over the negotiations.

Source - The Daily Express

Theresa MAY’S Brexit reforms in preparation for Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) have been unveiled in the Queen’s Speech.


by Elana Schor and Matthew Nussbaum - Politico

Senate Democrats fear that the White House will defang the bill designed to punish Russia for election meddling.

04.06.2017 | To die for Estonia?
Charles Krauthammer - The Washington Post

And anyway, who believes that the United States would really go to war with Russia — and risk nuclear annihilation — over Estonia?

Daniel Kochis and Luke Coffey - The Heritage Foundation

NATO faces real threats, and the U.S. and its allies should not miss an opportunity to make important progress in addressing the complex challenges facing the alliance at a critical juncture.

иy Robbie Gramer - Foreign Policy

On May 25, NATO will host the heads of state of all 28 member countries in what will be Trump’s first face-to-face summit with an alliance he bashed repeatedly while running for president.

Anthony H. Cordesman, the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy - CSIS

President Trump will have some advantages in making his first visit.

by Kate Brannen - Foreign Policy

In the White House “Game of Thrones for morons,” Steve Bannon is trying to turn the president against his national security advisor.

by Kimberly Dozier - The Daily Beast

President Trump’s first trip abroad indicates that the White House may be re-aligning to Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s anti-Iran position.

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