Source - The Daily Express

Britain has “no real strategy” when it comes to the Brexit negotiations Angela Merkel's right-hand man has claimed as Germany threatens to hold up Britain leaving the EU.

Source - Fox News

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon opened up in a rare interview published by a left-leaning magazine, dismissing some of his enemies in Washington while calling the far-right elements of the Republican party “a collection of clowns.”

Source - The Daily Express

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has warned Donald Trump not to launch military action against Kim Jong-un's regime without Seoul's permission as tensions mount in the region.

Source - The Telegraph

Britain is threatening to introduce new laws to impose VAT and customs duties on all goods from the European Union if no Brexit deal can be agreed, the Government said.

Source - The Telegraph

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been briefed on a plan to fire missiles towards the US territory of Guam, home to US air and naval bases.

Source - Fox News

President Trump sought to turn the tables on the Obama administration on the heels of a report saying they received “multiple warnings” as far back as 2014 about the Moscow meddling threat.

Source - The Daily Express

Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has mocked Britain’s plans to enforce customs rules with invisible borders as a “fantasy” in a furious Twitter rant.

Source - Fox News

As the events unfolded, President Donald Trump spoke out and condemned the violence on “many sides.” T

Source - Fox News

In an unprecedented move against North Korea, China on Monday issued an order to carry out the United Nations sanctions imposed on the rogue regime earlier this month.

Source - The Daily Express

North Korea has the world’s undivided attention as Kim Jong-un’s hermit regime blasts missiles miles out to sea - but while military powers watch the peninsula, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is seeking power elsewhere.


Source - The Telegraph

The Ukrainian government has denied supplying advanced missile engines to North Korea after a report said Pyongyang’s latest ICBMs use motors produced in a factory in former Soviet state.

Source - Fox News

North Korea and President Trump lashed out at each other within hours on Tuesday, in both cases threatening to hit the other side with a barrage of "fire."


Anthony H. Cordesman, the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy - CSIS

This is no time to "speak stickly and carry a big soft." The U.S. has no choice about reacting to the real world North Korean threat.

Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, Kimberly Dozier - The Daily Beast

The national security adviser is purging the Trump White House of hardliners. But the ‘nationalists’ are quickly moving to strike back

by Aaron Klein - Breitbart

White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster served at a UK-based think tank financed by a controversial, George Soros-funded group identified by the Obama White House as central in helping to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the public and news media

by Michael Singh - Foreign Policy

Presidents are rarely afforded the luxury of choosing their foreign-policy priorities. President Donald Trump faces the same challenge — but this time it is Russia usurping the agenda.

Garry Kasparov, the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation - The Weekly Standard

Will he never pay a price for his hostile acts?

by Tony Lee - Breitbart

Trump went to Poland and delivered a landmark speech in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument in which he forcefully defended Western civilization and the values that bind its nation-states.

by Janusz Bugajski - the Center for European Policy Analysis

The contrast between President Donald Trump’s meetings in Warsaw and his encounter with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hamburg could not be starker.

by Ken Klukowsk - Breitbart

Far from isolationist, the Trump Doctrine seems to include that America can play a leading role in the world without subordinating the safety, prosperity, or happiness of American citizens to those of other countries.

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