Source - The Daily Express

Boris Johnson's landslide victory has prompted fear within the EU as the Prime Minister can now push ahead with taking the UK out of the trade bloc.

Source - The Daily Express

France has erupted into furious protests again after Emmanuel Macron refused to back down over his proposed pension reforms yesterday.

Source - Euractiv

A US Senate committee backed legislation on 11 December to impose sanctions on Turkey after its offensive in Syria and purchase of a Russian S-400 missile system, seeking to push President Trump to take a harder line against Ankara.

Source - The Daily Express

Trump has lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accusing them of running delinquent countries.

Source - Fox News

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday night began the first phase of a fiery "markup" process for the two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

Source - Fox News

Former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said Wednesday that Senator Ted Cruz's claims that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election would soon be corroborated.

Source - The Daily Express

The YOUGOV MRP poll which is considered to be the most accurate indicator of the expected result on polling day has been published.

Source - Breitbart

Attorney General William Barr called the American press completely irresponsible regarding claims the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

Source - Fox News

President Trump headlined a rally in the key swing state of Pennsylvania on a momentous day in his presidencyy, after House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against him.

Source - Yle

Sanna Marin of Finlands left-wing Social Democratic Party is to be the next Prime Minister of the sparsely populated Nordic nation of Finland, and will be the youngest serving head of government worldwide.


Source - The Daily Express

Boris Johnson has officially won the 2019 general election as Labour's "red wall" has officially fallen with swathes of voters crossing the rubicon to ensure Brexit is carried out.

Source - The Telegraph

Corbyn's Labour deserves to be utterly defeated at the ballot box tomorrow


Jack Watling - RUSI

Governments and military planners are obsessed with how much leverage adversaries can exert with coercive measures that dont risk all-out war.

by Anthony H. Cordesman - CSIS

One can argue many aspects of President Macrons interview in which he warned about the brain death of NATO. One cannot argue that the U.S. focus on burden sharing has been an awkward combination of bluster and bullying.

21.11.2019 | The Democrats Hydra
Glenn Beck - BlazeTV

Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats Hydra

by Peter Roberts - RUSI

The old conceptions of war and of decision-making, informed by NATOs corporate memory of the Cold War, are no longer fit for task, despite the re-emergence of NATOs nuclear deterrence doctrine.

by Jonathan Eyal - RUSI

The French presidents criticism of NATO is not only unsubstantiated, but also detrimental to France itself.

James Carafano, Nile Gardiner, Walter Lohman and Theodore Bromund - The Heritage Foundation

This belief and partnership are worth preservingand it is why American conservatives have a stake in the future of the transatlantic community.

by Anthony H. Cordesman - CSIS

The analysis shows that there are good reasons why the United States should constantly reexamine its military commitments and deployments overseas, and especially its active uses of military force.

By Rosalind S. Helderman and Spencer S. Hsu - The Washington Post

Paul Manafort, suggested as early as the summer of 2016 that Ukrainians might have been responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee during the presidential campaign rather than Russians.

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