Source - The Daily Express

The US has urged all countries to block Russia from using its airspace to fly planes through to Venezuela, heightening already fragile relations between Washington and Moscow.

Source - The Daily Express

Jeremy Hunt has attacked Jeremy Corbyn, saying the far-left “Marxist” would destroy the UK’s economy, as speculation over the Foreign Secretary’s leadership ambitions grow.

Source - The Daily Express

Riots broke out on the streets of Londonderry, Northern Ireland last night after shots were fired and petrol bombs launched leading to the death of one woman, police confirmed.

Source - The Daily Express

Russia has warned the US it's ready for a war over Venezuela as it prepares to invade the crisis-stricken country.

Source - Breitbart

President Donald Trump shared a Game of Thrones meme on Thursday, sending a message to Democrats continuing to obsess about the report issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Source - The Daily Express

Donald Trump has been cleared of Russian collusion during his 2016 Presidential election campaign.

Source - The Daily Express

A “true believer Brexiteer” elected to replace Theresa May as the next Conservative Party leader would likely “wreck any prospect” of a Brexit deal with the EU, the UK’s former ambassador to Brussels has warned.

Source - The Daily Express

Russia and the US are facing off from opposite shores of the Red Sea with Moscow backing a nuclear science and technology centre in Ethiopia and Washington making similar moves across the water in Saudi Arabia.

Source - The Daily Mail

Nigel Farage's brand new group storms ahead of the Tories and Labour after a top pollster predicted it could win its first election

Source - NATO official site

Hungary is scheduled to be the lead nation for NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission at Šiauliai, Lithuania, together with augmenting nations Spain and the United Kingdom.


Source - The Daily Express

Pro-European candidates will suffer a hammering at the European elections next month as a shock study reveals more than half of the electorate have no faith in the EU.

Source - The Daily Express

The US has been condemned by rivals China, Iran and Russia after it was accused of “slandering” the countries for supporting controversial Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.


by Henrik Ø. Breitenbauch, the Center for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen - Joint Air Power Competence Centre

After Ukraine, conventional deterrence will be the main purpose of NATO’s armed forces.

by Dalibor Rohac - AEI

Historically, after all, alliances between countries have rarely been long-lasting. Whether that anomaly can continue hinges on the extent to which the alliance can still generate value for its members in a new global environment.

by Peter Schweizer - Breitbart

Peter Schweizer recalled how Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s second son, received millions of dollars from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings while his father directed $1.8 billion in aid money to Ukraine as vice president.

Rachel Ellehuus,. Ricklef Beutin , Quentin Lopinot - CSIS

For European countries and institutions as well as for transatlantic relations, 2019 will be a pivotal year.

by Janes P. Pinkrton - Breitbart

In 1966, left-wing activist Mark Lane published a book arguing that the assassination of the 35th president, three years earlier, could not possibly have been carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Source - NATO official site

On 14 March, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg presented his Annual Report for 2018. The Report, he says, “shows that NATO continues to modernise”.

by Mariana Budjery - The Washington Post

The death of the INF could unshackle Ukraine’s missile program, too.

by Michael Mazza - AEI

If the administration’s explanation of the Trump-Kim summit collapse is accurate, this raises an important question: did Kim badly misread President Trump or did Kim want the talks to fail?

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