23.02.2021 | Biden Admin. Colluded With Iran To Derail President Trump
Source - OAN

New evidence has revealed a likely collusion and conspiracy between Joe Biden and Iran’s Ayatollah regime. According to The Washington Times on Sunday, top Obama-era officials Robert Malley and John Kerry established a back-channel with Iran in July 2019 in an apparent violation of the Logan Act. The two now hold top positions in the Biden administration. The report found Kerry and Malley spoke with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to normalize U.S.-Iranian ties and lift U.S. sanctions. Separate reports said their efforts may have been aimed at derailing the Trump administration’s foreign policy on Iran. The report also found Malley and Kerry may have conspired with Iran to derail President Trump’s peace efforts in the Middle East in an effort to discredit his administration.

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