13.08.2019 | ‘EU make peasants vote again!’ Trump adviser sends panic through ‘undemocratic’ Brussels
Source - The Daily Express

John Bolton, following his first meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, took aim at the EU for prolonging the Brexit process and not respecting the result of the 2016 referendum. Mr Bolton called the EU’s bluff and insisted its refusal to re-negotiate the failed withdrawal agreement was a ploy to “make the peasants vote again and again”. Mr Bolton said: “The fashion in the European Union is when the people vote the wrong way from the way the elites want to go, is to make the peasants vote again and again until they get it right. “There was a vote – everyone knew what the issues were. It is hard to imagine that anyone in this country did not know what was at stake. “The result is the way it was. That’s democracy.” The damming remarks by the top US official - echoed the beliefs of leading Brexiteers throughout the past three years since the historic vote. Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg has constantly hit out at the EU and previously stated the UK has lost its “democratic right” by being in the shackles of the bloc. He said: “It is neither democratically legitimised nor democratically controlled. If a Government in the UK does not suit us, we can deselect it. “If we want to change a law, we can do that in Parliament. That is a democratic right that has often been taken from the EU. “Not a serious parliament, it is not a democratic forum, it does not represent a people.” In a coy attempt to win over the overwhelming support of the hardline Brexiteers and to further undermine the EU, Mr Bolton insisted he and the US President were “leavers before there were leavers”. The Washington official also issued a stern warning to Brussels ahead of the October 31 deadline, by stating the US would “enthusiastically” support a no deal Brexit. In a damning assessment, Mr Bolton also condemned the EU for its stagnated approach to striking deals and said the UK and US could start finalising a bilateral agreement “very quickly, very straightforwardly”. Mr Bolton said: "The main purpose of the visit really is to convey President Trump's desire to see a successful exit from the European Union for the United Kingdom on October 31, to offer to be of help in any way that we can and to express his hope we can have a fully comprehensive bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom as soon as possible."

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