07.07.2018 | Chequers plan will be ‘in TROUBLE by Monday’ Brexiteers send stark WARNING to Theresa May
Source - The Daily Express

BBC Newsnight’s political editor Nicholas Watt insisted “a number of Brexiteers” believe the agreement achieved at the Prime Minister’s country retreat will lose its “lovely warm glow” by next week. Mr Watt insisted a Brexiteer he spoke with in particular declared the Chequers plan will be in “trouble” by Monday. He said: “A number of Brexiteers are saying to me they think this is going to look like a budget, there will be a lovely warm glow for 48 hours but this Brexiteer said by Monday night it will be in trouble. “I was talking to one who described today’s outline of the deal as a ‘bag of’ and let’s not repeat the word that this person said. “But there is deep unease and unhappiness amongst Brexiteers, lots of conference calls.” Evan Davis, the presenter of the flagship BBC programme, questioned the political editor on why no members of Theresa May’s Brexit war Cabinet resigned following the decision to adopt a Soft Brexit plan. Mr Watt explained members of the Cabinet stayed by reaching “the same conclusion for different reasons”. Mr Davis asked: “How come no Brexiteer walked out today?” The political editor replied: “Well they appear to have decided not to walk out, the same conclusion for different reasons. “So the Michael Gove reason is you stay because what you’ve got to do is you make sure we leave the European Union in March and at that point you can sort of argue about the details, you could change it in the future. “The Boris Johnson view is you stay to fight now in the autumn because he believes when the European Union gives its response in October there will be a very, very big battle.” Mr Watt stated Theresa May had opted to keep the “closest possible relationship” with the bitter bloc while also remaining “technically with her red lines” following the announcement of the Chequers agreement. He noted: “The Prime Minister has essentially gone for the closest possible relationship with the European Union whilst remaining technically with her red lines. “So they are control of laws, control of borders, control of money and control of trade deals, but if you drill down into the document you do see a very significant role for the European Court of Justice so I think it’s fair to say those red lines are being blurred.” Mrs May persuaded her Cabinet to back her plans for a Soft Brexit last night. The Prime Minister declared the 12-point blueprint will speed up the UK’s exit from the EU. She said: "Now we must all move at pace to negotiate our proposal with the EU to deliver the prosperous and secure future all our people deserve.”

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