17.05.2018 | Russians say the threat is imminent as they fear Syria tensions will escalate
Source - The Daily Express

According to a poll released this week by the independent, Moscow-based Levada Centre 57 per cent of the Russian population believes the tensions between global powers in Syria could easily surge and spiral into a full-blown conflict. A total of 1,600 people from 52 regions within the Russian Federation took part in the survey and the results found 41 per cent of Russians have “some concerns” over the conflict leading to World War 3, while 16 per cent said it was a “big concern.” Syria has in recent years become a flashpoint for tensions between global superpowers and regional powers, all wrestling for influence. Last month, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed in an interview with Greek newspaper Kathimerini that the tensions between the US and Russia have already gone beyond a cold war. Assad said: “It’s definitely not a cold war – it’s something more than a cold war, less than a full-blown war. “And I hope we don’t see any direct conflict between these superpowers, because that is where things are going to get out of control for the rest of the world.” The US, Britain, France and Turkey – along with Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia – have all backed moderate rebel groups, pitting them against Assad’s backers. And with the armed forces of so many countries active in the country, there have been fears for some time they could end up clashing, spiralling into a full-blown world conflict. Russian, British, US, French and Turkish jets have all been carrying out airstrikes in various parts of the country for several years.

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