11.02.2018 | Iran could unleash ‘hell’ and destroy all US bases’ after airstrike
Source - The Sunday Express

On Saturday, anti-aircraft fire shot down an Israeli warplane returning from a bombing raid on Iran-backed areas of Syria in the most serious confrontations yet between Israel and Iranian-backed forces based across the border. One of at least eight Israeli planes, the F-16, was dispatched in response to what Israel said was an Iranian drone invasion into its airspace. The drone was reportedly hit by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile and crashed in northern Israel. Israel then launched a second air raid, where they reportedly hit 12 Iranian and Syrian targets, including Syrian air defence systems. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said: “The claim about the flight of an Iranian drone and Iran’s involvement in the downing of a Zionist fighter jet is so ridiculous that it does not merit a comment.” He added that Iranian officials are acting in Syria only as advisers and do so “at the request of the legitimate and lawful government.” Mr Qassemi went on to say Syria is a sovereign state and its government, as well as armed forces, have a “legitimate right to defend its territorial integrity and counter any kind of foreign aggression.” Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the Deputy Head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps, said any “aggressive actions” by Tel Aviv would trigger a serious response. He added Iran is capable of creating “hell for the Zionists”. A Pentagon spokesman has hit back at Iran’s actions and said the US fully supported Israel’s right to defend itself. A spokeswoman said the US is “deeply concerned” about the “escalation of violence over Israel’s border.” General Salami said that Iran could potentially destroy “all American military bases in the region by launching attacks from inside the country.” Relations between Israel and Iran have become heavily heated following the incident on Saturday. Israel’s Defence Force warned Syria and Iran against “violating” its dominance by saying that both countries would pay a heavy price if they ignore their warning. It also said that Tehran and Damascus are “playing with fire.” Israel has said they would counter any threats after they became alarmed with Iran’s involvement in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad. A UN spokesman said Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is closely watching the “alarming” military escalation throughout Syria and calls on all sides to exercise restraint and work for an immediate and unconditional de-escalation of violence. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Israel seeks peace but we will continue to defend ourselves steadfastly against any attack against us or any attempt by Iran to establish itself against us in Syria.” Mr Netanyahu said he had spoken to Putin and they had agreed that an Israel-Russia military arrangement in regard to Syria would continue.

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