29.06.2020 | Emmanuel Macron humiliation: French President hit with devastating blow in local elections
Source - The Daily Express

The final round of local elections where delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and have delivered a terrible outcome for the president’s party La République En Marche. French President Macron’s Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, won his advance to become mayor of Le Havre the northern port city. This could lead to a reshuffle in France’s government, however, Mr Philippe is allowed to appoint someone else to act as mayor while he remains Prime Minister. But Mr Macron could emerge from the election without winning a single contest in a major city. This comes two years before President Macron is set to face re-election in France. Exit polls have already shown that Greens and their leftist allies may win control of the major cities Lyon and Marseille, and are ahead in sweeping Bordeaux City Hall. An exit poll for Paris showed the Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo will hold on to her position following a chaotic campaign from Mr Macron’s team. In the election, voter turnout was low and people wore face coverings due to the coronavirus pandemic. Interior ministry data has shown that the turnout was just 40.5 percent. The first round of votes controversially took place just two days before President Macron declared lockdown in France in March. Some partial results have shown that Marine Le Pen’s far-right party will win in Perpignan. This will be the first time the Rassemblement National party has taken a town with a population of more than 100,000 people. Ms Le Pen said: “We shall be able to demonstrate that we are capable of running a big town.” Mr Macron had previously hoped that the local elections would help to anchor his party in towns and cities across France. The country’s 35,000 Mayors have set policies on issues from urban planning to education and the environment. The local elections typically give voters the opportunity to support or chastise a president mid-mandate. Speaking to Reuters, a voter in Paris’ 9th district said she was backing the centre-right opposition candidate. She added: “We have a government that is completely disconnected from reality.” Mr Macron announced that he will “reinvent” his presidency and provide a detailed plane next month for the final two years of his mandate. Some early results have shown that the biggest winners of this election would be France’s green party, Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV). Ms Hidalgo, Paris’ current mayor, is supported by EELV and the Communists. She focussed her election programme on tackling climate change and pollution within the city. When her victory was announced, Ms Hidalgo said voters had chosen to make Paris more “ecological, social and humanist”. In a brief speech she added: “You have chosen hope, teamwork, a Paris that can breathe, that is better to live in, shows more solidarity and that leaves nobody to fall by the wayside.”


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