10.10.2018 | We'll do it anyway! Salvini's stern warning as Italy leader vows to act against EU
Source - The Daily Express

Italy's deputy prime minister argued he will continue to demand a reform of EU's core Dublin Treaty but admitted he will act on behalf of Italian citizens via bilateral agreements with other EU member states to ensure Italy's demands on migration are met nonetheless. Speaking at the Lyon G6 summit, Mr Salvini claimed to have already secured successful meetings with his counterparts in Poland, the UK and USA. He said: “As it is my duty I always ask the EU to reform its treaties, its naval missions, and the Dublin Treaty, but I’m well aware this Europe often says one thing but then never delivers on the facts. “So we will do it on our own. I’ve had bilateral meetings with the Polish Interior Minister, with representatives of the American Government, with the British Minister. “So if Brussels doesn’t do anything about it, we will do it on our own by working on bilateral agreements.” It comes as Mr Salvini and his fellow deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio launched a furious attack against Brussels over criticism of the country’s debt plans, insisting there is “no plan B” and predicting a “political earthquake” is on the horizon. European Commission vice president Valois Dombrovskis and EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici described Italy’s new debt of 2.4 percent of GDP next year as a “clear departure” from the common economic policy. The European Union has been spooked because this new deficit target would be three times the 0.8 percent borrowing goal set by the previous centre-left administration. In a letter to the Italian government, Mr Dombrovskis and Mr Moscovici said: “We call on the Italian authorities to ensure that the budget will be in compliance with the common fiscal rules and look forward to seeing the details of the measures." But Italy's coalition government, only appointed earlier this year, are refusing to cave into market pressure and backtrack on its radical new spending plans. In response, Mr Di Maio claimed the “constant attacks” over Italy's budget plans are only serving to unite the government more and make it stronger, defiantly adding: “We must defend Italy.” Mr Di Maio said: ”We expected that Brussels will not like this budget. There is no plan B, nor is there an intention to move away from the plans. "There will be a political earthquake at the European level and all the rules will change.” He added: "What happened on March 4 in Italy is about to happen in Europe: those who believed that they would be all their life 'in government' will have a nasty surprise. Those who perhaps believed in ‘change’ will have a nice surprise. "The media and the European system have now decided that this government must fall as soon as possible, but the more they do this, the more they unite us. “We are two very different political forces that have come together with a government contract, but they are succeeding in the miracle of uniting us with these constant attacks because we must defend ourselves and we must react, but above all, we must defend Italy.”


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