10.09.2018 | Sweden election: Results in deadlock after no majority is won
Source - The Daily Express

Sweden's general elections have resulted in deadlock after the two main centrist coalitions failed to win a majority. The far-right Sweden Democrats party made significant gains over immigration fears, but are third at the moment. They are highly likely to be kingmaker- who will make a great impression without being a viable candidate. A coalition government could be in the pipeline, but this could result in the centre-right opposition reaching out to the Sweden Democrats. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven's ruling centre-left bloc had a slight lead with 40.6 percent of the vote, with the center-right alliance winning 40.3 percent. Sweden Democrats gained 17.6 percent of the vote, up from 12.9 percent in the previous 2014 elections. Results are so far based on 99 percent of the confirmed vote and there not be finalised until Wednesday when overseas votes are counted. With the result speculation turns to the cross-party negotiations which will soon get under way. Jon Henley, a journalist for The Guardian who is on the ground in Stockholm, commented: "The new government, which could now take weeks to form, will need either cross-bloc alliances between centre-right and centre-left parties, or an accommodation with the Sweden Democrats – long shunned by all other parties because of their extremist roots – to pass legislation, potentially giving the populists a say in policy." The two main parliamentary alliances, the centre-right led by the Moderate Party and the centre-left led by the Social Democrats, are almost tied. With almost all results announced the centre-left bloc has 40.6 percent of the vote to the centre-right bloc’s 40.2 percent. The far-right Swedish Democrats have won just under 18 percent of the vote. It is unlikely that there will be many developments until the morning. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven is refusing to step down despite his Social Democratic party getting its lowest share of the vote in more than a century. Has told supporters that the Swedish Democrats have “saluted Hitler and fanned the flames of racism” and says moderate parties have a “moral responsibility” to form a government. Swedish Prime Minister and centre-left Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven has said: "Regardless of the end result, tonight is the end of set block politics." This suggests he may be open to working with centrist and centre-right parties in order to minimise the influence of the populist Swedish Democrats. Mr Lofven’s Social Democrats currently govern Sweden in coalition with the left-wing Green Party. With 99 percent of districts counted the Social Democrat led centre-left coalition leads the centre-right coalition by just one seat, with 144 to 143. The far-right Swedish Democrats are in third place with 62 seats. It's still far from clear what the new government will look like.


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